A suggestion for husbands to say words and behaviors do not hurt a wife. So that harmony into family jewelry that never obsolete. Behave you to do good to women, indeed they are created from the ribs, and the most crooked part of the rib is the upper end. If you straighten it by force, you will break it, but if you let it, it will continue to bend. It is because of mutual gifts to do good to women.

These are the brave whispers long buried women in the chest, perhaps men want to be aware of themselves and willing to hear the hope and suffering of women.
He stared at the man with a pleading look. He asked her to extend a helping hand to alleviate her from confusion while saving her paradise.
Many people throw the responsibility of the balance of the marriage home journey on the shoulders of the wife. Everyone denounces him if he is careless. Everyone blames when he is negligent. Husbands are busy throwing a reproach at women and correcting things that women believe.
The poor woman is preoccupied with her mind and heart and strives to meet the demands whose essence has been firmly established. He was breathlessly exhausted in the painful misery to keep a household from destruction. But he was not strong enough. The woman is off guard in the middle of the road, she is confused, why she repeatedly fails to defend her kingdom, despite her efforts.
He stared at the man with a pleading look. He asked her to extend a helping hand to remove her from the confusion while saving her paradise. Do not you love this sad tune, O man, then you come down from your spring tower? Will not you take his hand to climb the ark of life in peace and peace? Why do some of these 20th-century men love to take away their rights? Why this 20th-century man partially wants to repeat the dark history of women in the past.

Does he forget that he should glorify women? Lifting him up on the throne of independence, putting on the crown of greatness and glory in his head, and shedding all the slavery of slavery.

A woman is a man, demanding that you carry out this holy will. A testament that is more like a warning and a threat to a man than obeys the call of ignorance that sometimes arises in his soul, provokes his manly nature and provokes him to oppress the woman.
The woman realizes that this kind of speech is clearly not pleasing to a man’s heart, does not please her and will instead regard her as a form of female dissent and a desecration of her male nature. Perhaps the woman will see the man clenching his lips full of rejection, and turning his face while asking inquiringly, why do women dare to openly talk about a problem like this?

No doubt, after the men read the description of the women in this paper, he will be motivated to find reasons that require restrictions on learning of women. However, she is not affected, because she knows that studying is obligatory.

She wished for him to sit down to talk to him, to discuss objectively the problems that threaten the existence of togetherness. And, before all of this, women acknowledge that the cause of the problems is his compassion which always encourages him to forgive men’s mistakes. Women recognize that his innocence is what makes him dare to face men. She acknowledged that she would be armed with time and money to claim her rights.
And in order for you to calm down, man acknowledges that his strength lies in his weakness. When he whispers in your ear, he does not mean to disobey and out of the realm of obedience to you. These whispers are just an attempt by a woman to establish a quiet and happy life next to a man. The woman admitted that she would not be able to lead her own household ark.
Women recognize that he will not be able to escape from the help of her husband.
She acknowledged that she needed a support where she learned whenever the fatigue caught her.
She admits that she needs a loving hand that will wipe the sweat on her forehead whenever trouble crosses her. Women recognize all the rights of the husband who has been determined, he will try to make it happen. She confesses all these things and hopes that the man will also acknowledge his wife’s need for her.
Both recognize family needs in both. The family recognizes the needs of the community. And, people recognize the needs of the people to him.


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