Some men see women with shallow and weak views. Men demanding women of tall, white, blue-eyed or green have a soft, long hair. Such demands are unusual and far from reality. With reference to the geography book, we can know the influence of climate on human, in terms of skin color, height, body stature and hair shape.
Women are kind enough to tell the man of his beauty secrets. He said,
the sides of beauty in women is not the body and the outward appearance is deceiving. The beauty of women lies in the humble nature and his behavior that adds light and faith in his heart, so the eyes of the husband’s shade are happy to see it. The beauty of women lies in the warmth, affection, and feelings so that the feelings and love of the husband move towards her. The beauty of women lies in the softness of character and the subtlety of its nature, so from there arises the personality and strength of men. Her beauty lies in her gaze and her warm voice, so the husband feels the serenity of her side. The woman’s beauty lies in her smile that adds to her charm and makes her heart more joyful and joyful. Her beauty lies in her understanding, I do not say lies in her knowledge obtained by proof of diploma. But the science is really understandable and taken from the source of the clear spring.

Her beauty lies in the extent to which she understands her essential responsibility for home, children, society, and people. The beauty of women lies in its ability, or even its ambition to continue to provide constructive sacrifices.
There is a story, a man came to a close friend asking him to find a wife.
This man presents some pretty conditions from the outside and inside. Then his friend’s wife is moving quickly with his fellow woman. But where there may be women who meet these criteria. Caucasian white, clear colored eyes, and others.
It hurts the soles of this entourage to find rare gems. Until finally finished the stock of this group and put the provisions of his journey. The man was angry and away from his friend for a long time.
Until finally, one day the man knocked on his friend’s door to inform his marriage, while the expression of happiness preceded his words. Finally, marriage takes place, everyone is jealous of this young man for marrying a beautiful woman who almost no twin in this world.
The days go on year after year. This man again knocked on the door of his friend’s house, but with a sadness that preceded his words. His face was gloomy, his heart ached with tears in his eyes. This man told his friend about a divorce with a wife who had given birth to 3 children.
That happens because the woman has a bad reputation, bad behavior, said spicy words, love to hurt her husband and both parents.
So the man did not see his wife as a beautiful man who could steal his husband’s heart and fascinate her husband. Truly, his bad nature has changed his beauty. Perhaps you are wondering, why there are women who are more supportive of ugliness and look down on beauty? Calm down, it’s not a matter of looking down on natural beauty. But, just criticize the benchmark of the hollow beauty created by men. Because these benchmarks do not necessarily correspond to women of the 20th century.
Women do not sneer when men perceive superficial beauty that is vulnerable to injury to a woman’s person, her essence, her thoughts, and her honor.
Women revolt when the perception of outer beauty becomes the only barometer that determines the demands of men. From this, the dynamics of building a household that in fact is the purpose of the marriage becomes difficult to be realized.

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