whether A pride has a young wife who does not talk much

I’m surprised at the man who holds a college degree and occupies the most prestigious office, but the way he sees women is still like a prehistoric man.
Why his views are not good and his concept of thinking does not change with the intellectual changes and civilizations that color the world. You see it in the modern in appearance, food, drink, shelter and vehicle, skillful speech and clever philosophy. However, his perception of women is still old and out of date.
Ancient perceptions that can be buried in a sense box again locked tightly, so that when passed by wind civilization will not destroy it.
Why would an educated man ever be eager to marry a girl much younger than he is? The girl who is apart of age and intellectual gap, experience and maturity are very wide? What is the factor that drives him to disguise the civilization laws he embraces in all aspects of his life? Undoubtedly, that factor is an ambition to dominate women and subdue it under male dictatorships. It is as if a woman is an electronic item that a man can have with programs as he wishes. Or, maybe he sees this girl as a doll who can serve and in line with his childish fantasies. Obviously, this is a real harassment on women. Or it may also be due to the lack of a man’s confidence in his ability to interact with adult women.
Do not you know man, that family happiness is impossible unless there is an emotional, feeling, thought and physical interaction between husband and wife. And this interaction can not be accomplished unless there is a precise balance between aspects of husband and wife. A wise man, it is better for men to choose a good woman from a good family and marry a woman who is nearing her age. For if an old man marries a young girl he will hurt her, or this girl is vulnerable to cheating or killing her, or asking for the divorce when she loves her very much. As a result, he felt hurt.

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